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My first FF that is longer then 10 lines. ^^°

Title: Mission Accomplished
Rating: PG-13  (I guess?)
Pairing: Kaku/Lucci
Notes: This fic takes place after what happened in Enies Lobby! Special Thanks to reflecttheother  for helping me

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I`m probably not the only one having dreams about The Joker at a time like this (with The Dark Knight in the movies and actionfigures at Burgerking), but my dreams were kinda...I don`t know. They disdurbed me. A lot! So, I`m going to just write them down and see what your opinion is to that kind of weird shit...  -.-

In both dreams I took the part of Harley. She was still Harley Quinn, but no one knew! She was living in a big house and was still an item with Mistah J, but she had an affair with a really not handsome guy. He was tall and a bit overweight and he knew about her second identity.
Out of some reason I still don`t get, she wanted to make The Joker jeallous and told him about that guy, but instead of getting mad, he seemd happy! He stagered around her house and took notice of little gifts, that he didn`t give her. He turned around pictures of them and found out, that behind every pic of them, there was a picture with an almost identical pose with That Guy. Then I noticed, that he wasn`t happy at all, but mocking Harley about her wish of a normal relationship. He suddenly grabed some kind of mannequin and started dancing with her asking Harley if that is what she dreamed of, while laughing like a mad man.
Suddenly Harley was alone again. It was Halloween and someone knocked on the door. When Harley opened the door, there stood The Joker shouting "Trick or Treat" at the top of his lungs and by his side stood Harleys affair.
The dream ended with The Joker killing That Guy in front of Harley.

In my second dream (I had them only short after another) Harleys identity was still unknown and she worked at a TV Station. She noticed that every woman around her got pregnant amd she started to want a baby too. She talked her boss into a commercial about the baby-boom with the hope that Mistah J would see it and understand, that she wanted a baby. The first one showed her in a Joker outfit firing her big gun but instead of her boxing-glove a baby-doll appeard (I almost laughed in my sleep). The commercials seemed to go on for several month and while filming a new one, Harley suddenly didn`t feel well. She looked down on herself and noticed, that she got a little bigger but she looked like her water broke.
After that she was suddenly with The Joker who told her, that he knew she was pregnant and didn`t want to bother her, so he took the matters in his own hands (he made shure the baby died). The last pic in my head was a crying Harley at The Jokers side.

I still don`t know if he saw those commercials and it was all a big joke or if he just did what he thougt was in both of their interests.

So, yeah...can you see why I`m disdurbed?

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Title: Face The Irreversible!
Pairing: Kaku/?
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kaku had too much to drink.

When Kaku awoke, he was imediately aware of a few things. He had a hell of a hangover, his back hurt and there was someone snoring loudly next to him.

Kaku didn`t dare open his eyes for he was pretty sure who that person was beside him and he prayed to God (if there was one) that his affiliate had also a hurting backside, because even an advance of 20 douriki wouldn`t be able to overcome this kind of defeat.

Absendmindetly Kaku noted, that the snoring had stopped.
Slowly he opened his eyes and turned his head to see the smiling face of his rival.

"Good morning, Jyabura."

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Title: Maybe...
Pairing: Ace/Usopp
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Usopp feels watched

He felt it again, the prickling feeling in his neck.
Someone was looking at him.
At first he thought it was the hot sun of Alabasta, that caused the prickling sensation, that send shivers down his spine, but that idea faded soon. Now he only felt watched.
It wasn`t the fact that he was being watched, but more the fact of who it could be, that unnerved him.
Sanji, Nami, Vivi and Luffy were in front of him and Zoro was pulling Chopper next to him, so that only left…


Why would Ace be watching him? Him, The great Captain Usopp?
But wait!
Maybe that was it! Maybe Ace wanted to join his crew! Of course Ace would have heard about his famous adventures!
Or…could it be?
Did Ace see him as a threat!? Usopp would never betray Luffy. Luffy was a great Captain! He was only joking, when he said HE wanted to be Captain!
But after what happened with Blackbeard….maybe Ace was seeing a traitor wherever he looked!

*He`s going to kill me!*

Then someone pinched his Ass…

*Well,* Usopp thought *maybe he has another reason.*

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